How can you preserve and share your memories?

When it comes right down to it, what are the most valuable things in your house? Many times it is not the jewelry, or the furniture or the collectibles. The most valuable things are the memories captured in the family photos. Traditionally they are stored in boxes or albums or frames on the wall – still great options. With modern tech they can be stored on line and shared with friends and family all over the world.

Having the memories in the old fashioned way is great. However they are subject to fading, water damage and loss. Keeping scanned copies preserves the images and gives a number of ways to keep them safe.


The first image on the page (except for the woman with the baby) is a composite of  my parents, myself, my grandmother (in the chair) and my great grandparents.


The photo to the right is of all my animals that I brought from Georgia to Nevada in 2006. The images are all taken from separate photos taken at different times. I wanted to picture them at the rainbow bridge, all healthy and happy as they waited.

The last photo is a composite of my great grandfather. He was a cowboy in Oklahoma.


Luckily I have a wealth of old family photos, many over 100 years old. Many of them are going into a family history book that will go to my grandchildren. Since my grandmother spent time telling me stories when I was young, I know who most of them are.


I can combine photos, repair damages on photos and provide prints and online images. Contact me for details and pricing if you have a project in mind.