OK, I admit it. I love to go hunting on the weekends. No firearms are involved and no (live) creatures are harmed. The night before and the early mornings are spent on the web looking for yard and estate sales. Some days are pretty much a waste of time and gas, but there are usually a couple of useful things in the car when I come home. This has been a passion for more than 40 years and even after a number of moves (some cross country) there is a sizeable collection of things in the house, in the shop, and in the garage.


Times and people’s tastes change over the years. Folks pass on and the family just does not care for the things their parents have collected. Clothes, knickknacks, furniture, artwork become things in boxes that have to go. Many times the families have no idea of the value of the collections that are now in their way.


This webpage has a shop for some of the more interesting things I have found and also offers photo restoration services for the real family jewels, the photos that tell the stories of our families and special places of our lives.


The blog page shares stories about some of the very special treasures I have found over the years. Unless otherwise labeled, all photos on this webpage are mine.


Hope you enjoy it.

Carol Wooley