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There is no telling what you might find here, everything from old jewelry to contemporary art. It all depends on what I find. You will find lots of animal inspired offerings as they make up a very important part of lots of lives. Horses, dogs, cats, and lots of birds are featured in the shop.

Composite Pictures

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The first picture is an example of a composite picture of animals waiting at the bridge. They left us over a 10 year period and I combined the photos into the image I had in my mind of the animals I brought from Georgia to Nevada. Still miss all of them.

The second picture is an 8x10 composite of photos of my great grandfather, a old time Oklahoma cowboy.

I can usually combine images of animals or people and can make a print from that. I also can give you a digital image that you can use. Color can usually be added. Price starts at $40 and depends on the number of animals or people the size and number of prints wanted. Contact me for an estimate as each image is created individually..

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