Homeless in Dayton Nevada

What kind of a man puts an old woman (with heart issues) out of her home at Christmas time? Four and a half years of never being late with rent, even though the pandemic, meant nothing. The fact that there are virtually no houses for rent in the area did not concern him. All he was interested in was that houses in the community were renting at higher rates and he could make more money. Eviction notice came with no warning just before Thanksgiving.

Ten years of volunteering at the local community center for the food program, setting up the computer system, creating, and maintaining and hosting a web page for the center apparently meant nothing.

Troy and I and pets have nowhere to go. The only option is to put all our
possessions into storage (not cheap) and try to find a place to park a small camping trailer. Just getting everything moved to storage is a difficult physically and financially. If and when we find another home, it would mean moving everything again. Pets and people will barely fit in the trailer. Finding a place for a horse is really a challenge.

The landlord could not care less about us or the fact that the Holidays would be bleak. He threatened to turn off power and water and harassed us about not moving fast enough to suit him. Years of volunteering to help in the community meant nothing to him – he didn’t live there and had no worries about money himself. Cocky and proud of himself, he gave us no choice. We needed to get out of his way. Our lives were of no concern for him.

Friends, both local and from years ago helped when they could. Even the local sheriff’s department could see what was happening and gave support when possible. Laws are laws however and the tenants have few choices, even when the landlord is a jerk.

It was a sad Christmas this year. Thanksgiving pretty much did not happen either. One more family will be homeless’

One more landlord will make more money. After all, isn’t that what is most important? Old ladies and pets don’t matter. They are disposable. One greedy, self-centered little man has the power to cause hardship and sadness. He will probably have a merry Christmas and enjoy his family with no thoughts of us or our critters.

One can always hope Karma will find him when he least expects it. I have heard she is a real bitch.