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There is no telling what you might find here, everything from old jewelry to contemporary art. It all depends on what I find. You will find lots of animal inspired offerings as they make up a very important part of lots of lives. Horses, dogs, cats, and lots of birds are featured in the shop.

St. Peter and the Ferrets

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What happens when ferrets meet St. Peter?

I call this drawing "St. Peter and the ferrets". The little stinkers enjoy life, and I can see them up to all their mischief at the pearly gates. As St. Peter welcomes a new one, they are busy stealing the halo, keys to the gate, the feather pen, and the record book. One is looking intently at St. Peter's toes - ferret owners know why.

This image is available as a 5x7 card or as a digital download. Contact me for pricing on your special project.

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