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There is no telling what you might find here, everything from old jewelry to contemporary art. It all depends on what I find. You will find lots of animal inspired offerings as they make up a very important part of lots of lives. Horses, dogs, cats, and lots of birds are featured in the shop.

Persian Enamel Cross Pendants

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This is vintage minakari (also known as Persian enamel) made by applying a white enamel glaze by dipping the metal form - usually copper, and heating it to a high temperature. After cooling, the design is painted and the item is sent back to the furnace again. This is a very old, traditional art. The crosses are from Isfahan, where there is a significant population of Christians.

The crosses and charms feature various images of birds, deer or scenes of the ancient bridge in Dezful (the oldest usable bridge in the world.) The bridge, in southern Iran, was built by 70,000 Roman prisoners of war. The crosses are 1 1/2" tall, not counting the loop at the top. They are beautiful and hand crafted.

They are priced at $12 each, choice of colors Shipping is free.

Charms are in another listing.

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